Goodbye #treefort it’s been amazing! Boise you’ve been awesome, gonna miss you a little.

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Just checked in at Treefort. Look what someone at the #boiserockschool made for us!

One stop at Santa Fe #wholefoods and we will be making some dinner and breakfast before we leave tomorrow to start driving to Idaho! Yes! #kale #bacon #mushrooms #celery

Tour Update: Austin!!!

Five hours till Austin! That’s all we have when we wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed on March 13th. This may be the second most excited we’ve been to drive somewhere on tour. The first is the day we left, before we understood what road weariness really meant.

We hit the road around 10. First stop: Gas Station to fill er up!

We hit the bathroom one last time, grab water, coffee, nuts, but forget to grab the gas pump from the tank. As we are driving away a couple of dudes in a black Hyundai honk at us and tell us our cap is open. A young man tatted up from face to toes gets out and screws the cap back on for us, shaking their heads at us in astonishment.

“You forgot to pull the pump out!”

Ohhhh shit! We circle back around to the gas station and check the pump. Everything is fine and we are really ready to go.

The drive seems short, but there’s that bit of worry that we might make it late. We want to check in at the hotel to get our luggage out so it won’t be in the way of our equipment, because we’d done that before and it sucks to have to repack everything after a show.

Luckily when we pull into Austin, the bad traffic is still not as bad as it could be. We check into yet another Best Western a few miles out from downtown a little after 3pm and head back out the door around 3:30.

Our first show is at  A Hole in the Wall, in South Austin. We go on at 4:30pm. Everyone is ready to go except for Nicole who is sniffling and coughing like a gassed puppy in a corner. Her cold went from a 3 -10 in the matter of a few hour because of the Southern Air. Unsure if we had to cut songs due to her inability to go more than a minute without coughing, our manager Ann quickly found some medication to help get her through the show.

Sometimes you need to go with a friend!!!

While she’s recovering, fellow Seattleite Shelby Earl is playing a set in the other room. It is sultry, sensuous, and ripe with lyrical depth. It is a beautiful short set before she runs off to another show in another part of town. It helps get us pumped for our set.

As soon as she’s off it’s time for us in the other room. We grab our shit, tune up and play one of our best sets on tour even with Nicole’s sniffles. The few people that were there were stoked for our band and we were excited about their excitement. With that set done, it meant it was time to relax and time to party.

A few minutes later, our friends TacocaT, a fucking awesome party punk band walks in to set up and play a fun set that has the whole crowd dancing. There’s really nothing better than Leotard, a song about not going passed second base. “Because you only wanna go so far!”

A few drinks, tacos, interviews by the s’wonderful Elissa, and a short vintage shopping excursion later, we make our way back to the hotel to refresh ourselves for an evening out on the town.

Nicole stays behind while we head downtown to “The Six” and find ourselves mingling with the crowd and getting drinks.

We have a great night! For more on the night, read Selena’s post on our page!

The next day we are slated to play The Nomad, at 8pm, so before that the band hits up Torchi’s Tacos in order to prepare physically and mentally for the experience.

These are fucking designer tacos.

The Democrat – a shreeded beef barbacoa topped with fresh avocado, queso fresco, cilantro and onions.

Green Chile Pork – Slow-roasted pork carnitas simmered with green chiles and topped with queso-fresco, cilantro, and onions.

I could go on, but you should just check their menu Here.

Once revitalized, it’s time to head to the show. We get there and Awesome Death, a band from Austin is Double Rainbowing us all while the lead singer plays a Theramin. Who the fuck plays a theramin? It was ridiculous and amazing. The hardest theramin playing dude we’ve ever met. (Okay, maybe the only thermin player we’ve ever met).

Our set once again surpasses every other set we’ve played. We brought people from the outside in. The bartenders loved us, the other bands loved us, we were feeling hot. No, seriously… it was physically so hot in the club that we were sweating like balls about to be kicked. Holy shit. 

We stayed for the next band Espantapajaros, a sweet Argentinian band that now lives in Houston. We drank, we danced, we took selfies in the bathroom, helped a girl find her lost baggie of coke and left.

We dropped shit off at the hotel, did our hur, and got ready for another night out in Austin. It was already 11:30 by the time we left, but we didn’t miss Austin, though Nicole “party pooper” Peoples stayed behind to continue recovering from the road cold.

What became apparent about Austin is that it was an international festival of hotness: all the ladies and all the men.

Libido’s were high and some people were feeling dry.

“I want a beer like you want a dick. Baaaad.” Anonymously overheard on a drive somewhere. You’ll have to guess who.

We got the next day off to just chill and hang out around the town. This meant that it was laundry day for NighTraiN. After 7 days on the road, there was a funk coming out of the trunk.

Near the Laundromat, we found some biscuits at Biscuits and Groovy, an outdoor cart with some biscuits that needed to be put out of their misery.

Last day in Austin, meant last night in Austin. Once again Nicole stayed behind but because of homework obligations while the rest of us hit up downtown and ran into bunches of Seattleites like The Grizzled Mighty and TacocaT again, we even ran into Angelo from Fishbone and hung with him for awhile.

Though we are ones for staying out late, we know we’ve got a long drive ahead of us into Amarillo, TX for a show in the morning so we head in. Austin couldn’t have treated us better. There was some good food, good people, nice weather, and great music. We couldn’t have asked for more!


Taryn: “They make em big out here in Texas. There’s something about a man with cowboy boots and a big belt. Yeehaw! “

Rach: Regarding the wind on the road, “We are about to get blown into Oz.”

In reference to going to Red Lobster across from our hotel. “If you want seafood get it in SF, Seattle, on a coast. Don’t you dare eat it in Texas.”

Nicole: “I need a mountain. Can I get a mountain please?”




Tour Updates! On the Road Again… To Austin and Beyond

Driving, driving, driving

Aaaaaaand there’s nothing quite like driving a twelve hour day.

Today we will drive San Francisco to Phoenix, AZ. According to GPS it is 11 hr, 49 minutes, which means with stops it’ll likely be at least 13 hours till we arrive.

We leave San Fran a little late around 10am and immediately get stuck in city traffic. We map our route a little off course and have to remap shortly after getting past Oakland on the 580. We are all more than exhausted and this is about to be our longest day of driving, possibly for the entirety of the trip.


The car feels impossibly cramped with five people and all of our endless amount of stuff. The beginning of the day does not seem to bode well for the rest to come.

However, the day’s not so bad other than endless driving. We each take 3 hour legs. This is when Sex and the City finally gets pulled out from beneath a back seat and inserted into the DVD player. We need something to help us pass the time.

Nicole is adamant that she doesn’t like the show, keeps saying she just hates Carrie, but when it’s her turn to get in the back, she watches it and can’t stop asking questions about what’s going to happen next.

“I’m not gonna tell you, you’re gonna have to watch,” says Taryn.

There is a lot of huffing and puffing, but we make it through Season 3. 

The road is nothing but sky except for a few places where you can see some rock formations out in the distance. We stop only for a little food, gas, and pee. It seems like there’s nothing worse than drinking liquids on the road when you’re trying to get somewhere in a limited amount of time, because it’s too time consuming to stop.

We finally reach Phoenix at 1am and we all want to kiss the ground as if we haven’t been on it, but it’s good to be in a stable place. The longest day down and we are exhausted. We have to be up early the next day for the second longest day of driving this trip.


When we wake up, it is stupid. Who the fuck wants to get back in the car and keep driving? Driving is stupid, but we have to make it to Fort Stockton Texas, wherever the fuck that is. Well… according to our map it’s just 10 hours away from where we’re at, so that’s a few hours off of yesterday.

Some of us grab the continental breakfast from the lobby while others make Oatmeal in the room. Nicole has brought all the fixings for some sweet Oatmeal: walnuts, raisins, coconut oil, and cinnamon. It’s easy and fast to make Oatmeal, but it’s also easy and fast to tire of it once you’ve had it multiple days in a row.

 When we’re dressed and ready it’s time to reload the car. We will all be tetris masters when we are done with tour.

The road feels long, but not quite as bad because it seems like maybe we got a little more rest than the night before.

11 hours and a two hour time change later we make it to Fort Stockton. It’s 11pm and we realize we only have a short 5 hour jaunt left to get to Austin the next day. We can sleep in until 7:30!

There is an energy in the room that we haven’t felt for awhile. We are about to be in Austin y’all.


Rachael just wants to say that she is very surprised that we survived.

“I thought I knew how large California was. I had no clue, I had no clue whatsoever. I was so happy to remember that Arizona is adjacent to Cali. I thought there was a whole other state to get to Arizona.”

Taryn now respects the hell out of people that go on a US Tour because you get the true grit of a band if they can stay together, stick it out, and work it out after being crammed in a such a small space with people for such a long time.



Nicole wants you to know she will never tour again unless she has a mother fuckin roadie and a tour bus with a Whole Foods cart on it and a juicer. 

Tour Update! Oakland & SF

Tour Updates:  Oakland and SF


Oakland and San Francisco treat us well. Though we have Sunday and Monday night shows scheduled for these busy cities, the smaller crowds give us the room to forget we are on tour, rock even harder, and experiment with some equipment changes.

Selena moves her new amp up and her bass vibrates the stage a little harder, while Nicole makes a few adjustments to her Fendy, Josephine, and things get brighter.

We’re running a little late when we first enter Oakland and instead of heading into SF to meet-up with our dear friend M. Nero Nava whom we’ll be spending the next two nights with, we hit up our friends Quincy and Femi from the band Punk Funk Mob, who will be playing with us later that night, to see if we can change and relax for a moment in their nearby San Leandro home.

They are very accommodating and we get a whole thirty minutes of time to get dressed and ready to play for Oakland. It goes too quickly. It’s surprising how quickly time goes when five girls take their turns in a bathroom peeing and applying fresh coats of makeup.

We are quickly out and head to our destination, The Night Light in Jack London Square. It is a midsize venue above the main bar, where we have to pull our equipment up twenty-two maroon carpet covered stairs. This does not bode well for Taryn as she falls up the stairs behind one of the hot bartenders and sprains her ankle.

The show starts at 9 with Nero’s band, City of Women, a straight rock outfit having a throw back affair with David Bowie’s, Young American’s. They have soulful smooth riffs and a witty as fuck front man who goads people to get their lazy asses closer to the front of the stage.  Most of them have suits on and they just seem professional as a band can get. They are reaaaaally good and we are stoked to be paired for two nights with them and to get to know them as people while we’re in town.

We go on next, set our shit up and hit the stage performing for a crowd of maybe twenty people. However, those were twenty of some of our favorite people, including Amber Flame a poet, artist, speaker from Seattle who has recently migrated down to the Bay along with our friend Kelly Dugan another transplant who has some seriously amazing photography you should check.

Last but not least were our friends Punk Funk Mob. It was just Quincy with his guitar, Femi and her keyboard and a beat box behind them playing heavy electro beats. They give the small crowd a lot of energy and play out the night.

In the meantime, we are kickin it with City of Women, the bartenders, the sound guy, and Rach is huddled up in deep conversation with her cousin Kelly who has driven two hours to see us from Sacramento.

The bartender is hott, the club owner Batch is hott, the sound guy is hot. Seems like Oakland is doing pretty well for itself and we get to reap the rewards of having some eye candy while we visit.

It is a long night. We stay until the owner shouts, “aaaaand everyone needs to get out” for the third time. There are too many hugs goodbye in the parking lot as we are leaving and then we set off for Nero’s place in SF.

Once we hit Nero’s we setup our sleeping bags, blankets, pillows around the two couches and the floor and settle in. We don’t sleep yet, we have to talk about everything that’s happened and get to know our host.

What we learn about him is that his hot tub is in the shop and should be ready by our next visit, that there is no jelly in his house anywhere for the pb & j sandwich Nicole wants to make, and that he has a whisper quiet $500 juicer.

It is a good night of talking, with deep talks and realizations. Rach is mostly asleep on the fluffy red blanket covered loveseat until she hears us talking about technological advancement being a way to enhance distribution of pornography.

“Pornography! Now let me tell you about Pornography!”

We stay up until 5am discussing everything we can until we realize that there’s no other choice but to sleep.

When we wake up it’s Monday, bright and fucking gorgeous outside. It’s 68 with a light breeze. We are all exhausted, but it’s okay because sometimes the sun makes up for feeling drained.

We each make our way toward something different. Rach meets up with Elissa in the Mission for Elissa’s first tattoo that commemorates her father after his passing a few years ago.

Nicole heads out to lunch in China Town with Raleigh, one her mom’s, while Taryn and Sel head to the Mission with Nero for some Tacos, because everyone is craving tacos all of the time.

Each of us come back with a smile.

We head to The Hemlock at 5pm for an early show and City of Women goes on at 7pm, playing yet another stellar show. NighTraiN hits the stage at 8 and Adam Dishart, from Books on Fate, hit the stage at 8:45 going solo for the night. His music is sad and romantic and has the ladies swooning.

Since the show ends early we decide to call it a night fairly early because we have a long drive ahead on Tuesday. It will be the first leg in our two and a half day journey out to Austin, TX.

Four shows down 5 to go! Days and days of driving still left to go. Good night y’all, have a good night!


Taryn saw the hottest lady mechanic and is pretty sure she just fell in love in the streets of San Francisco. Reminder ladies with tools, use them, it’s even okay if you want to abuse them.

Rach ate at the Cliff house in SF and loved herself some historical shit. Got to see the who’s who of Hollywood who left signed autographed photos. She probably should have left her own signed photo because everyone knows she’s gonna be famous and shit.

Nicole tried to draw a stein of beer. It turned out looking like a box with a box inside of it that was filled with some gray stuff, not sure what. This reminded her that she doesn’t even have the ability to draw stick figures. She told her boyfriend she can’t draw and he challenged her to draw a picture of herself. Challenge accepted. Drawing will appear in a later post.


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